This list of resources has been assembled within AHS Calgary zone. Please read, use, and share widely. Many resources included apply across the province.

Addiction & Mental Health 

·       2-1-1
o   Mental health support

·       AHS:
o   Help in Tough Times:

·       CDC:
o   Mental Health & Coping with COVID-19: 
o   Talking with Children about COVID-19:

·       Mental Health & Coping: 

·       Mental Health Help Line: 1-877-303-2642


Emotional Support 

·       Seniors’ Centre without Walls: (780) 395-2626
o   55+
o   Free phone-based program that offers recreational activities, health and well-being topics, or friendly conversation for older adults

·       Senior’s Secret Service: (403) 257-8339
o   Logistics are still being worked out, but Andrea at Senior’s Secret Service is trying to coordinate volunteers who are willing to assist Home Care clients.

·       Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society (403) 266-6200
o   Volunteer services are still in place for their various programs: Essential Transportation, Pet Assist, Practical Kindness (urgent one-time needs), and Social Phone Support
o   Program availability may change at any time. Please contact them for further details

·       Carya (403) 269-9888
o   Done over the phone




·       2-1-1:
o   Offers help to pay for utility bills if you can’t afford it
o   Can assist with homelessness

·       Alberta Income Support: 1-877-644-9992
o   Only online applications are accepted at this time

·       Alberta Emergency Financial Assistance: 1-866-644-5135

·       Calgary Transit:
o   March low-income transit passes will roll over to April

·       Enmax: (403) 310-2010
o   “COVID-19 Relief Program”: Payment flexibility via installment plans and payment date extensions
o   Currently suspending disconnections due to nonpayment

·       Service Canada
o   SEPARATE LINE for COVID-19 Related cases: 1-833-381-2725
o   Employment Insurance:
o   Wait times are waived.
o   People who are sick, quarantined, or a caregiver may quality.

·       Canada Emergency Funds for COVID-19:

o  GST credit – up to $300 single adults – $600 for couples
o   Child Tax benefit Top up – $300 per child added on top of what you receive already.
o   Student loan payments deferred

  • 6 month timeframe
  • no payments
  • no interest accrual

o   Indigenous community based support fund
o   $200 million provided for community resources

  • Sexual assault/transition homes
  • Shelters/homeless needs

o   10% wage subsidy for small-medium sized businesses for employees.

  • $25,000 per employer

o   Ensured Mortgage Protection Program

  • 50 billion provided
  • payment deferrals
  • special payment arrangements

o   Bank Supports

  • auto loans – deferral of payments possible
  • contact bank directly
  • speak to your institutions

o   Personal Income Tax

  • payment before September. 1st/2020 – extended deadline for income tax payments owed
  • Filing deadline for Income Tax – June.1st/2020

o   Emergency Care Benefit

  • Quarantined or caring for sick family member
  • Providing $900 bi weekly
  • Payment via direct deposit
  • Will not require medical documentation
  • Starting early April

o   Emergency support fund – $5 Billion
§  more info to come

Groceries & Other Supplies 

·       2-1-1 or (Calgary & Area)

o   Can get assistance in purchasing food if client is unable

o   Delivery options available 

Bulk Food Box: 

        o   $4.99 flat rate delivery

o   Minimum $100 purchase

·       Co-op: (403) 219-6064. E-mail:

o   They’re offering a care package of non-perishable food items such as canned meat, pasta sauce, and juice.

o   The care package will be delivered at no cost to the homes of people under isolation until April 15, 2020 or until supplies last, whichever comes first.

o   To request a care package, please contact the email with your name, address, phone number, the start and end date of your quarantine, and the closest Calgary Co-op store.

·       Costco 

o   2-day delivery

o    No minimal order

o   No delivery fee for orders of $75.00 or more

·       Food Hamper: (403) 253-2055

o   Available Wednesday, March 17, 2020

o   Call to place order

o   Pick-up only: 5000 – 11 ST. S.E.

· Good Food: 1-855-515-5191


o   First three meals for free


·       Grocery Link: (587) 578-4197

o   Superstore offers Grocery Link to assist with grocery shopping and delivery for individuals with health issues who are not able to shop for themselves. Staff will call clients weekly to arrange grocery shopping and delivery service.

o   Cost: Minimum order of $40.00 and a $10.00 delivery fee.


o   Shop from Superstore, Wal-Mart, Shoppers, Wholesale Club, Staples, M & M, and Bulk Barn

·       Kerby Centre’s Thrive Program: (403) 234-6571 or (403) 705-3222

o   Grocery shopping for seniors who are 55+, low income, and are not able to shop.
o   Income cap of $26,500/single or $38,000/couple, to be determined by Line 150 on the client’s Notice of Assessment.
o   Groceries will only be done at CO-OP.
o   Cost: $4.00 delivery fee.
o   The client will receive a 5% discount on the grocery bill, as they cannot use their individual CO-OP member cards.
o   The shopping is done by volunteers and will take 2 – 4 days before the groceries are delivered

· Inabuggy: 

o   Order from multiple stores

o   $19.98 delivery fee


· Lina’s Italian Market (403) 277-9166

o   First shopping hour is for seniors only

o   10% shopping discount for seniors

o   Free delivery to seniors within 5 km radius


·       Meals on Wheels – Calgary: (403) 243-2834

o   Still operating, but they will deliver by leaving the food at the door, ringing the doorbell, and leaving

·       Premiere Dance Academy Senior Girl Dancers: (403) 968-1455

o   Community volunteer group
o   Willing to help anyone in the NW get groceries or other supplies

· RAAmall 

o   Meat and bakery ordering

o   Shipping fee varies


·  Rocky Mountain BBQ Catering LTD. (403) 651-9926

o   Calgary wide flat-rate deliver fee of $20.00

o   Smoked and cured meats, smoked and cooked meats, grilling meats, soups, jerky, and pepperoni



o   $40.00 Delivery charge

·       Shoppers Drug Mart

o   The first opening hour of shopping at their stores is open to customers who need special considerations and assistance, such as seniors and people living with disabilities. Check your nearest store for store times.

o   They also offer a 20% Seniors Day Discount for the first hour of each day every day. This is in addition to Seniors Day each Thursday.

·       Sobeys: Tuscany NW & High River

o   Will open early every Tuesday from 0600 – 0700 for only seniors and people with immune deficiencies to get access to supplies they may need before the store opens to the general public


o   Online grocery delivery

o   No subscriptions necessary

·       Superstore:

o   0600-0700 every Tuesday and Friday, Superstore will reserve this time for seniors or adults with disabilities or immune deficiencies to acquire the needed supplies before opening the store to the general public.

·       Walmart 

o   Minimum purchase $ 50 before tax

o   $ 9.97 for delivery

o   Cancel order: 1-800-328-0402

·       Women in Need Society (WINS)

o   The Free Goods Referral Program (FGRP) will remain operating as usual, except for our delivery service which will cease until further notice.  Our referring agencies are requested to encourage their clients to cancel their referrals if they or any member in their household are developing cold/flu like symptoms as described on the Alberta Health Services website and to call our office at 403.255.5102 ext. 224 for assistance.  

o   Charlie’s Children Program will remain operating.  WINS will be taking an extra safety step by pre-screening applicants’ health conditions prior to their appointments to protect expecting/new mothers and their babies from any potential health risks.

o   Our Family Resource Centres (FRC) Team will continue to provide services at  our Dover location only, Monday to Friday (by appointments only screened clients).  FRC team can be reached at 403.255.5102, ext. 226 or by email at

o   Retail Ready Employment Service has been temporarily suspended until further notice.

o   WINS thrift stores (all locations) are operating as usual at this time.

o   Delivery and pick up services are ceased temporarily until further notice.



Medical Alert Systems

 1. Telus Livingwell Companion

No contract, the first month is free

Low income Seniors on the Alberta Seniors Benefits Program can receive a subsidy of up to $31/month

AlarmForce partners with Telus LivingWell

Phone: 1-888-505-8008

Packages                                          Regular Price                                             Subsidized Price

On the Go Package                              $55/month                                                 $24/month

In Home Packages                               $35/month (fall detection)                     $4/month

                                                                 $24/month  (basic)                                   $0/month



2. Bell Medical Alert

Phone: 1-833-251-3208

Packages                                             Regular Price                                            

On the Go Package                             $57.99/month (6months term)                          

In Home Packages                              $37.99/month (6months term, fall detection)                    

                                                                $27.99/month  (6 months term, basic)      

No direct subsidy from the company for clients  eligible for federal or provincial benefit programs                          



3. MedicAlert Foundation Canada

No contract, can be discontinued at any time

For clients eligible for federal or provincial benefit programs, they can submit Membership Assistance Form ( ) for receiving the services for no cost, which will take 3 weeks for approval.

It also provides special programs for clients with Autism and mental health issues


(18 and up)



Children and Youth
(ages 0-17)


$24 Registration*
$8.99 Shipping


$24 Registration*
$8.99 Shipping

1 Year (Prepaid)

Free Registration
$8.99 Shipping


Free Registration
$8.99 Shipping

2 Years (Prepaid)


Free Registration
Free Shipping**


Free Registration
Free Shipping**

3 Years (Prepaid)
Best Value

Free Registration
Free Shipping**

Free Registration
Free Shipping**







Phone  1.800.668-1507    Email:

Monday – Friday
9 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST
Local: 416.696.0267   Fax: 1.800.392.8422


4. Philips Lifeline

no contract, can be discontinue at any time

Seniors eligible for the Albert Seniors Benefits can receive a subsidy of up to $31/month

Standard Service $42.95/month,

Fall Detection Service 57.95/month,

Insulation Program 89.95/month (Insulation protection is set up at home)

Phone : 1-866-958-6459   or sales representative: 1-866-958-5669

Mon-Fri: 8am to 8pm, Sat & Sun: 9am to 5pm ET


5. Livelife Personal Mobile Alarm

No contract, can be discontinued at any time, annual charge

Pre-paid: $457 in 1st year,    $ 45 in 2nd year,  $467 for devices 

Special offer: $45 annual fee,  $487 for devices including fall detection and GPS tracking

Toll Free: 18446427109, email:

For clients eligible for federal or provincial benefit programs, they need to contact the company individually regarding subsidy


6. Good Samaritan Telecare

Prices: Call for specific pricing 


Toll Free: 1-800-676-8397, email:

Stove monitoring, home temperature monitoring, flood detection, medication management, care calls, support products, personal emergency response, and fall detection