Wellness: Hitting the Happiness Button

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Wellness: Hitting the Happiness Button

Posted April 2019

Learn the role that positive psychology plays in improving your wellness.  Practical examples and simple techniques are provided so that you can incorporate them to be happier and healthier at home and at school. This will support your wellness and create a healthy, vibrant workplace. Strategies will include mindfulness, movement, calm welcoming spaces, gratitude, kindness and compassion.

At the end of this module you will be able to:

  1. Understand the practice of mindfulness and explain ways to incorporate it into your day
  2. Identify ways to create a calm welcoming space
  3. Explain the value of exercise/movement and identify possible activities to incorporate into your day
  4. Identify ways to foster an atmosphere of gratitude
  5. Identify activities of kindness to promote happiness


Grade: K – 12

Audience: Educators

Category: Educator Self-Care

Est. Time: 60 minutes

Learning Level: Introductory


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