Teaching Sexuality

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The Teaching Sexuality series was developed in partnership with the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Sexual & Reproductive Health teams from Calgary & Central Zones to support educators across the province to increase confidence and capacity to teach about healthy sexuality. Beyond the basics about educator role and best practice, we invited educators from AHS and the Alberta education system to discuss candidly what it’s like to teach sexuality for the first time, overcome barriers & challenges, and create positive, inclusive conversations in the classroom. This course also looks closely at the Alberta curriculum and offers extensive resources from AHS, Alberta Education, and more.

The course includes four modules that explore the following content:

  • Part 1: Reflective Perspective explores educator values & biases in relation to teaching about sexuality (approx. 30 minutes)
  • Part 2: I’m Not Alone reviews the role & impact of educators, and how educators can connect to resources and the teaching community for support  (approx. 8 minutes)
  • Part 3: Curriculum reviews the Alberta curriculum & logistics of teaching the content (approx. 10 minutes)
  • Part 4: Practical Strategies suggests classroom interactions for authentic & inclusive delivery of the content  (approx. 17 minutes)

The course series uses written information, interactive activities, and videos of roundtable discussion to explore the various learning objectives.

Audience:                         K-12 Educators

Category:                         Sexuality

Est. Time:                        1 hr 15 min total

Learning Level:               Introduction