Models of Addiction: How We View & Talk About Substance Use

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Posted December 2020

There are a lot of ideas about what addiction is, when substance use becomes problematic, and what to do about it. Sometimes, navigating this as an educator can require a nuanced understanding of why people think what they do about these topics.

This course has been developed to support more informed conversations about problematic substance use/addiction and associated topics like harm reduction, with a focus on how they apply to our school communities. It covers five major ways of viewing addiction and how these views came to be, how they relate to one another, and which view is most common within Alberta Health Services/the healthcare you or your students may receive.

It may be helpful to download or print the course handout to have on hand while viewing the course, as it provides further context for the information presented.

For further information, please visit AHS Addiction & Mental Health, Information for Teachers & Schools

*please note: This video file is large and may take some time to load/buffer.


Audience:                         Educators

Category:                         Substance Use

Est. Time:                         12 minutes

Learning Level:               Introduction