ADHD: Working from Students’ Strengths

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This was formerly titled: A New Way Of Looking At AD/HD: A Strength‐Based Approach (2014/15)

This 4 part presentation provides an overview of how to look differently at students with ADHD by focusing on their strengths.

  • Presentation 1 provides an overview of the strength based approach to ADHD (17 minutes)
  • Presentation 2 discusses how ADHD impacts academic achievement (15 minutes)
  • Presentation 3 reviews strategies to empower your ADHD students  (16 minutes)
  • Presentation 4 shares supports for the strength based environment  (22 minutes)


Learning Level: Introductory


Please be advised: Course handouts and resources are from the original publishing of this course in 2015 and information enclosed may not be up to date.